How Long Does It Take to Fertilize the Hollies?

One bag of fertilizer and 30 minutes!

This past weekend was the perfect time to fertilize the hollies! I headed outside and began to walk across our front porch, our winter-filthy front porch.

“Hmmm. It will only take 30 minutes to spread the fertilizer,” I thought. “Let me clean up the porch first.”

Off I went to the basement for the mop and bucket. When I got to the basement I realized the laundry was piled high so I sorted the clothes and started the first of what were 8 loads. It only took 30 minutes to get that started.

With mop and bucket in hand I walked upstairs and into our front entryway. That’s when I noticed the dirt stains on the tile floor and the dust on the woodwork. I put the mop and bucket down and grabbed a scrubby, paper towels and my trusty Clorox spray from the kitchen; 30 minutes later the floor tiles sparkled and the wood shone. I put the carpet, shoe trays and umbrella holder back in the entryway and my cleaning supplies away.

That’s when I noticed I was hungry.

When I walked into the kitchen to make myself a salad I saw the newspapers that needed to be put in the recycling bin. And the plants in the breakfast room that needed watered.  And the cat’s bowls that needed to be washed, dried and refreshed. Those little projects only took 30 minutes.

That’s when I noticed someone had spilled something inside the frig. I got a hot soapy sponge and cleaned up the mess, then I spied some old food lurking in the back of the frig; one hour later I sat down to a scrumptious salad lunch. I answered some emails. I petted the cat. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and returned to the basement where I transferred another load of wash to the dryer and started another load in the washer.

That’s when I saw all the cement creatures with their blank eyes staring at me, accusingly.

“This will only take a minute to carry them outside and put them in their places,” I thought.

An hour later I wiped my sweat-streaked face on my shirt, transferred another load of laundry and headed back to the front porch, the still-filthy front porch. I grabbed the bucket and mop I’d left leaning in the front entryway what seemed like days ago now and I headed outside.

On the front porch I eyed the winter grunge that coated the furniture. With just a little sigh I dragged all the furniture off the porch and onto the lawn. I filled the bucket with soapy water and scrubbed all the furniture until it shone. Then I tackled the porch itself. I swabbed the deck. I scrubbed each railing spindle, and I rinsed the whole thing down with the hose. It only took 3 hours.

“The fertilizer. I need to spread the fertilizer,” I said out loud as I headed across the now-drying porch.

Then I stopped, realizing that I needed to clean the smaller, but just as dirty porch on the second floor. Sighing just a little I headed upstairs with a fresh bucket and mop, windex and paper towels. I washed the furniture. I scrubbed the floor and left it to dry; it took an hour.

By the time I returned to the first-floor porch — on my way to the bag of fertilizer — only a few damp puddles remained. “It will only take a few minutes to wipe up the damp spots, lay the summer rugs, and drag the furniture into place,” I thought. “Still plenty of time to spread the fertilizer.”

I headed to the basement for an old towel to dry the damp stops on the porch, transferred another load of laundry, rinsed and dried the bucket and mop, and headed back outside. An hour later the front porch looked great! So I headed back to the second floor porch and put that one back together. It only took 30 minutes!

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday: Distractions on the way to the bag of fertilizer. The good news? I weeded three different gardens in the yard, transplanted a dozen perennials, cleaned off the rear patio cushions, swept the back porch and cooked a welcome home dinner for our daughter on Sunday. But I didn’t fertilize the hollies. It got dark before I got to it.

Today, it’s Monday. I headed outside first thing this morning in my pjs. Well, okay, I tossed an old coat over the pjs ‘cause I’m modest that way. And I headed straight for the bag of fertilizer. It took 30 minutes to fertilize the hollies. Make that 2 days and 30 minutes!

Do you start out with a project in mind only to be waylaid like me?

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4 Responses to How Long Does It Take to Fertilize the Hollies?

  1. Nancy W says:

    What a great post, your day sounds like the way my days go!! I start my day out with a list only to get get sidetracked along the way! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

  2. Dawn@LightenUp! says:

    OMGosh. Are you kidding me? I have this EXACT problem! The CONSTANT distraction and bouncing from one chore to another, nothing ever getting done. Flippin’annoying!
    I have been going to post about this. You have done it perfectly.
    I CANNOT believe you put me on your blogroll. What an honor! THANK YOU!!

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