Wind in My Hair (and Ears): essential2life 5K in Liberty State Park, NJ

The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing. It was chilly. I was glad I didn't wear shorts like so many others. Brrr.

Last Saturday morning I ran my second 5K race of the 2012 season (I want to run at least 1 5K a month). The race was an “out and back” in Liberty State Park. Yes, as I ran I saw the Statue of Liberty, the New York City skyline and acres of pristine N.J. parkland. I felt the wind in my hair (and whistling in ears) as I ran along the shoreline on the wooden decking and poured concrete pathways. I was nervous the wind would put me off my pace. That’s me: I need to worry about something. At all times. Or I’m just not, well, me. But hey, I’m¬†definitely becoming a better runner. I can run well over a mile without stopping and doubling over to catch my breath now! I ran the race in 32:35, a tad slower than the 5K I ran on St. Patrick’s Day; I’ll blame it on the wind. And by the end of the race I had a pain in my back that was really, really not nice. But it didn’t stop me; I finished!


Hundreds and hundreds of runners showed up for the race; including a fair number of teams. My husband Mike has run the essential2life 5K before; he said it’s one of the best-coordinated and best-sponsored races he runs. I can say that the sponsors were incredibly generous with giveaways. Mike won a medical kit for his car! And the post-race snacks? Awesome!

Look at some of the yummy post-race snacks provided. The bagels were very tasty: crispy on the outside; tender and full of flavor on the inside!

In addition, runners and their families and friends grooved to a live band inside the ferry terminal both before and after the 5K race. And a DJ set up near the starting line set a strong base beat for our feet! Festive and fun!

Some of the hundreds of people who attended the essential2life 5K 2012 milling around outside the ferry terminal.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous backdrop to the race. I’m so impressed with your stamina…one block is about all I can do if I’m lucky.

    I can’t wait to read about your next one!

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