Easter Monday: The Dinner That Was!

Mmm. Mmm. Great!

What a great Easter Sunday with my husband Mike’s family! The sun was shining so we were able to hang out on my sister-in-law Cathy’s deck, laughing and talking; Mike’s family does a lot of laughing since everyone is a storyteller. You can’t be grouchy around them even if you tried!

Uncle Phil, world famous storyteller, has my husband enthralled; Uncle Phil can make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Breaking bread at Cathy’s is always a culinary treat. My daughter Tory and I start revving our taste buds a week before we eat at Cathy’s; she makes some of the best side dishes we’ve ever tasted. We get to try new food combinations and usually come away with a recipe. Yesterday was no different!

Cathy made smashed potatoes.

A red cabbage and arugula salad with candied walnuts, pears, blue cheese and champagne vinaigrette.

And roasted whole tri-color carrots.

Grandma Patsy brought her famous Easter pie.

And Cathy’s husband Joe made filet. Lots of filet. He’s the family filet expert. Actually, he could be the world’s filet expert. First he trims the beef. Then he ties the filets in neat bundles. Then he seasons and grills them. It seems like no matter how many pounds he makes, we eat it all. Cathy made home-made horseradish sauce and gravy for the filet. That put it over the top for me!

We didn’t stop eating until we made major inroads into the desserts. We ate more than half of the lemon pound cake I made; it got very good reviews. And Cathy made the thinnest crispy chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever seen; I’m pretty sure we ate most of those too.

How was your Easter dinner?




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  1. Joyce says:

    The filet looks fabulous! And the salad sounds like its right up my alley. Our dinner was also delicious…see you Friday!

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