Sunday in My Garden: Spring Has Sprung!

Today it’s pretty chilly here in Northern New Jersey, but my husband Mike was outside edging away. Do you edge? You know, take a spade and dig a sharply delineated line between your lawn and your garden beds. Like this:

See that nice crisp edge?

While Mike was working hard making that edge I walked around to peep at my plants: Who is still asleep? Who is awake?

Check out these herbaceous peonies. They are the ‘regular’ kind of peonies you would recognize in a sec if they were blooming. I have three different varieties planted next to each other. See how they are growing at different rates? Isn’t that kinda cool?

I love my herbaceous peonies, but I have to tell you that I love the blooms on my three tree peonies even more. Wait 'til I show you their huge yellow and pink blooms in a few short weeks!

Now I think I’ve mentioned my tree peonies in the past, but I can’t help mentioning them again. The three trees, which range in size from about 3 feet tall down to my pink baby at 2 feet tall, produce the most magnificent blooms I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of flowers! Here’s one of the buds on the tallest yellow tree peony:

Look at the colorful new leaves. Look at the bud; it will swell a lot more before it pops open!

Take a look at the bulbs (or are they corms?) in the photo below. Can anyone help me out? What exactly are these? I remember planting them a few years ago and they’ve spread some, but for the life of me I can’t remember their name!

The two-toned leaves are lovely!

Mike loves forget-me-nots so I’ve kinda let them run wild through my garden beds. The good thing is that the little blue flowers blend with anything blooming in a Spring garden. The other good thing is that if I need a quick gift for a friend I can go out and dig up a clump or three when they’re in bloom. I pop the clump(s) into a low tray (cut down milk container, anyone?), put a bow in among the cheery flowers and off I go! I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like these blue flowers!

This clump planted itself right outside my greenhouse door.

The hostas are beginning to unfurl their leaves. I need to divide the clump in the photo below. Do you know why? See how the center of the circle looks ’empty?” The hosta died out in the middle. That’s its way of telling me that I need to dig it up, use a spade and cut the existing plant into a couple of chunks, plant the smaller clump in the spot where I dug it up and find a new spot for the new hosta I just created (or give the extra away to a friend; my friends love gifts of plants.).

Cut out the 'empty' center part with a shovel and toss it on the compost pile. Divide the remaining plant into 2 clumps. Replant the 1 clump where you dug it out of and either pass along the other chunk to friends or find a new place in your garden to plant it. Easy peasy!


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4 Responses to Sunday in My Garden: Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Thanks for the tips on the hostas! I had no idea. I need you to pop over to my yard and help me identify some plants….am clueless!

    • Glad I could help! I’m pretty good at plant id; if I bring my girlfriend Pat together we’d likely get 100% id’ed for you. I use the galvanized plant markers and label my beauties. It helps me learn the Latin names!

  2. mare ball says:

    Hello! Just found you through another blog. I’m impressed w/ your gardening skills. We had a veg garden for the first time this summer and it had such trouble. We don’t know what we’re doing, despite researching the internet. 🙂 I wrote a couple posts about it (the category “how does our garden grow?”). I’d love your input! I’m going to follow to stay in touch. I’m a middle-age mom too. 🙂 So nice to find you!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am an avid gardener and I know that sometimes “stuff happens.”. Don’t get discouraged! Good gardeners are made, not born!! I will stop by your blog to see what you’ve been doing.

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