My Favorite Quiche: Lightened Up for My Weight Watchers Lifestyle

I weighed in  at Weight Watchers (WW) this morning. I lost 0.4 pound, the least I’ve lost in a single week since I started WW in January. But I have to tell you I was relieved to have lost something since I was unable to exercise Sunday-Thursday with my infected ankle. I am approaching the upcoming week with determination: I am determined to get back to exercising; it really helps. I am determined to work hard to reach my goal weight and life at maintenance. Are you on WW? Do you need to jump start your determination? Why not start by making yourself this delish, but slimmed-down quiche recipe?

For years I’ve used Jeff Smith’s quiche recipe. Do you know his name? I used to watch his show, The Frugal Gourmet, on public television; that was long before I had a computer and a printer. As he chatted away and cooked, I quickly jotted down the ingredients he used in his recipes. This is what my hand-written-while-watching-his-show recipe from way back then looks like; see suggested variations on the quiche in the notations to the right:

I learned to write really fast to get the key ingredients for each of his recipes!

Yes, I still use that stained recipe, even though I bought his recipe book years earlier. I’m nostalgic that way! I loved watching Frugal Gourmet and I use other recipes from his cookbook. What family on a tight budget, as we most definitely were then, would turn away yummy, but inexpensive meals like he cooked? The Frugal Gourmet recipes are tasty!

Since I’ve begunWW I’ve run some of my favorite recipes through the WW on-line Recipe Builder; it’s helped me thin down a number of recipes. This quiche recipe is no different! By swapping out some of the full-fat ingredients I’ve skinnied my fav quiche recipe down to 7 points per serving; and the serving is large at 1/6 of the entire quiche!

My skinnied down version of my favorite quiche recipe.

Why not make a lovely side salad, add Ken’s Light Balsamic dressing to it (1 WW point for 2 tablespoons) and enjoy a quiche and salad for dinner tonight! You deserve it.

Broccoli, bacon and cheddar quiche: YUM!

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