Floral Design Monday: I Love Red Almost as Much as Blue!

Yup. I know it’s Tuesday, but since I was dying to write about Hopewell Valley Vineyards and its tasty pinot grigio yesterday, I put off writing about my garden club’s floral competition until today. I figured you wouldn’t mind. Right?

Here's my completed design. I added the rose petals at the last moment; sometimes last moment adds aren't good.

Yesterday, my Garden Club had a floral design competition. As an Advanced I floral designer my mission for the March competition was “A small design not to exceed 8″ in height, width or depth, staged on a 9″x9″ white cube provided by Committee, staged on table on a stage 47″ from floor. Top of the cube may be covered.”

Whew! It’s a mouthful, but it gives me very clear instructions so in I dove to the design process. Since our club’s theme this year is “Mother Earth” and the theme for March is “Elements,” I thought I’d create a design that gives a nod to one of the basic elements: fire. I thought about what I might do design-wise that would use maybe red roses since they are pretty readily available and one of the herbs, maybe the rosemary, that I have growing in a pot in my sunroom. A fire in the forest seemed to be a workable concept so I ran with it.

This unsuspecting rosemary is about to be chopped...to become part of my floral design!

I doodled around a little bit on paper until I had the bones of a workable design, then I visited one of my fav florists, Bartlett’s Florist and Greenhouse in Clifton, N.J. to purchase my flowers. Bartlett’s didn’t have any red spray roses so I jumped at the orange roses that were yellow-tipped at their base; they look a lot like flames to me! And I added some ageratum since flames sometimes burn blue at the tips!

My container, flowers (minus the rosemary that's still in the pot) and rough sketch.

As I always do, I started with my greens. Now I know some designers insist that you should start with the flowers first, but I beg to differ. Different strokes, different folks. I’m sure I’ve won blue ribbons with my approach and I’m sure you’ve won blue with yours. We will agree to disagree, ok?

I need "bones" (greenery) before I can add "flesh" (flowers). The rosemary makes nice "trees," don't you think?

My concept — a forest fire — was straightforward. The rosemary represented the trees and then I began to add the roses — the flames. I diddled around a while until I had the roses sprinkled through the design so that when I squinted I could “see” the “fire.” Are ya still with me?!

It's a huge forest fire!

Then I tosses in some ageratum to add blue-tipped flames to the design.

I don’t know if you remember me mentioning that as a designer you are basically competing against a point system; you are allotted 100 points, then the judges assess your design and deduct points in 3 different categories. The whole idea is to have the least (like none!) number of points deducted. Yesterday I dropped below the number of points necessary to be awarded a blue ribbon, but I held onto enough to be awarded a red (second) ribbon! I was happy.



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  1. kim says:

    WOW Congratulations! That is beautiful – you did such a great job. I see why you won. You have a talent.

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