N.J. Korean War Memorial: Freedom Isn’t Free

The boardwalk-side entrance to the N.J. Korean War Memorial.

My sister Cindy and her husband Bid spent a day with me in Atlantic City this week. ¬†Since the weather was perfect — mid-70s and sunny — we strolled the boardwalk for a while. Our feet took us to the Korean War Memorial. Bid’s Dad was a Marine and my Dad was in the Army, and both men served in Korea. The memorial is a very moving tribute to the men who fought and died serving in the Korean War.

The h u g e statue of the soldier reminded Cindy and me of our Dad — larger than life, capable, comforting. The relief of soldiers on the granite wall is so very detailed I wanted to reach out and smooth the stress from one soldier’s face.



The expressions on the soldiers' faces speak of war, stress, distress, sadness, determination and courage.

And oh so American.

We found the name of an old buddy of Bid’s Dad on the wall; he died in combat. When you see a name you know carved on a granite memorial it’s sobering.

So many lives lost from New Jersey. And so many lives lost from all over our country.

Thank you. Thank you, soldiers everywhere.


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  1. Joyce says:

    I haven’t been to AC in ages…its nice to see memorials crop up in towns all across America.

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