Weight Watchers: It Isn’t Always All in Our Stomachs

My yummy, yummy breakfast burritos with egg substitute, lite Mexican style cheese, tomato, lettuce, sauteed peppers and onions, avocado with sides of salsa and lite sour cream. Total points? 7

Last Friday I had a successful weigh-in; I lost 1.4 more pounds; I am ecstatic with my results so far! My husband Mike keeps saying, “I’m shocked it works.” I keep replying (with only traces of sarcasm in my voice), “It’s magic, Mike, only the “magic” is sticking to the program.”

A large part of the “magic” is following the rules of the program, but the other part is keeping our spirits high and thinking positive. One way I do that is by attending the weekly WW meetings that happen after we weigh in; I always learn something — For example, finding out about the new free WW app for my iPhone; it lets me scan food bar codes and quickly learn the points value of a product, which has revolutionized my little world. And I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow WW-ers. During last Friday’s WW meeting, though, I almost fell off my chair. And my happy balloon deflated some. Prior to the official start of the meeting I heard a refrain, “I’m not losing any weight.” and  “I don’t know why the scale isn’t moving.” I wondered why that was and I felt bad for the folks who hadn’t lost any weight that week. Working hard and not seeing results is tough.

Then the meeting started. The discussion topic was on tracking our food; remembering that a critical part of the success of the WW program is measuring and recording what we eat. All of what we eat. Our group leader asked us if we measured everything we put in our mouths, right down to the smallest item, like the amount of milk we put in our coffee. In a room of perhaps 30 people only 5 of us raised our hands! A little while later our leader asked us if we tracked (wrote down) everything we put in our mouths. And I was astounded to see not many actually do that consistently either!

I walked out of the meeting thinking, “Who are you fooling? Certainly not the scale.” Then I realized with a thump that for some people losing weight has more to do with wrestling the beasts in their heads than measuring and recording the food on their plates. For some, WW alone isn’t enough.

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