Philadelphia Flower Show: “Amateur” Designers, But Not Amateur Designs

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the best design competition for U.S. garden clubs members; you vie for the blue ribbon against top competitors from across the country. . .and only one blue ribbon is awarded per design category. Creativity is the word! That and following the “schedule” (rules) precisely so you don’t have any points deducted for a major infraction (like poorly conditioned plant materials) or a minor error (like not filling your entry card out properly). This year I was captivated by the “mailbox” design category; designers created mailboxes out of predominantly plant materials. Take a look!

This mailbox is strutting its stuff! Can you see the mail?

A prettytraditional take on the mailbox, no?

This mailbox hits it out of the park! How did the designer do this?!

My favorite mailbox is for the birds and honors the Hawaii theme!

I get ideas for my home and gardens from wandering the flower show.

Look at the tabletop! I love the green dishes!!

My fav front yard/porch design this show.

I want this Victory Garden in my yard. The vegetables were ready to harvest!

And ideas for parties!

Wouldn't you love to sit at this table?

Have you read anything about vertical gardening? This year’s show had a number of displays/designs that explore the concept. My favorite was this wall of leaf lettuces. I wanted to reach out and grab a bunch to munch!

Did you know that Drexel University in Philadelphia has one of the largest vertical indoor gardens in the United States? It's garden is ornamental whereas this one is edible.


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