Philadelphia Flower Show: HAWAII, Islands of Aloha

My good friend Gail and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this week. The theme, Hawaii, was one I looked forward to seeing translated by both the professional and amateur designers. I love attending this international flower show because the floral designers are incredibly imaginative: The winner this year, in my opinion, was the lava flow done completely in red (see below); I adore standing in front of an arrangement/vignette and figuring out how the designer made it happen. And I like comparing/contrasting the interpretations of each year’s theme with previous ones. As expected, Hawaii had a lot of orchids showcased in the designs, from the big wow displays created by the professionals to the individual designs created by talented “amateurs.”

Below are some of the Hawaii big wow scenes. Tomorrow I will share some of the smaller, but no less important individual designs that are accomplished by folks like you and me (only with a whole lot more experience in floral design competitions); Philadelphia is the holy grail of floral design and horticulture here in the United States. If you and your floral design or horticulture specimen make it to Philly, you’ve made it.

With no further ado, I give you HAWAII:

The Big Wow main entrance: You walk in and find yourself under a wave.

This Hawaiian mountain complete with waterfall is chock full of tropicals and is a stunning piece of construction no matter what side you view it from.

Vignettes of Hawaiian life are interpreted by the professional designers.

Professional designers create the large scenes.

This scene of a lava flow is striking! Remember, the designers are using botanicals to create the scenes!

Bamboo is a major component of many exhibits.This design was created by a professional florist.

Professional landscape designers create gardens that are scattered throughout the huge hall.

What you’ve just seen are some of the gardens and scenes done by people who make their living in floral design. They are imaginative and creative thinkers. Professionals judge their work and a lot of silver is awarded every year to the best of the best designs.

Tomorrow I will show you what some of the individuals and teams (garden clubs, schools) of “amateurs” created for this year’s competition. Their exhibits are also judged by professional judges and ribbons are awarded. To win “even” an honorable mention at Phily is a huge, big deal.

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