Let’s Talk Recipes: Lori’s Skinny Vegetable Soup

Delish! My husband Mike, who was on his way out to a dinner meeting, ate a small bowl of soup before he left because "it smells so good!"

My friend Lori lost a lot of weight on the original Weight Watchers (WW) program (and has kept it off); she said one of the reasons she lost weight so steadily over time was because she made and ate the WW 0-points vegetable soup almost every day. Now I know not everyone would want to eat the same thing for one meal every day, but Lori did/does, and man, she looks good! She invited me over recently to sample her version of the WW 0-points soup, to which she now adds barley (please note by adding the barley, the soup ends up with WW points; see below.). I went. I ate. I loved it!

Lori shared her recipe with me and I want to share it with you! Even though I diligently searched the WW site for the “original” recipe so that I could link to it, I couldn’t find it so I’m reprinting Lori’s version below.

You can see my "customizations" written in the margins of the recipe!

Lori, bless her, told me the recipe is very flexible and that I could customize it to my taste. I bought a bag of frozen organic veggies — corn, peas, carrots — and chopped up a small zucchini I had in the crisper and added it to the celery, onion, carrots and garlic the recipe suggests.

I sauteed the veggies, added the tomatoes, then added the broth and herbs. Don't forget the whole peppercorns; they add zing.

Since I have an indoor herb garden that is bursting with chives and thyme I used those two fresh herbs in place of the dill/dill seed Lori usually uses.

You can see the fresh herbs floating on top.

I made/added the barley. I love barley and 1 cup of cooked barley is only 5 WW points, a real “bargain” for my dinner tonight; when I eat the soup for lunch I will add only a 1/2c of barley (only 2 WW points) for a lighter meal. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I treat my daily WW points like money and and I like to “spend” them wisely!

On WW, barley is 2 points for 1/2c or 5 points for 1c; I frozen some containers of soup and portioned the cooked barley into separate 1/2c contains so I can just pull out/reheat what I want for lunch or dinner.

Lori’s soup is versatile and tasty on or off a WW lifestyle. Enjoy!


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