Weight Watchers: A Weight-Loss Reward That Helps Me Lose Weight

At my Weight Watchers (WW) weigh-in on Friday I logged a 2.2 pound loss for the week! I’ve lost over 15 pounds in eight weeks! By adding regular exercise to my WW eating plan I really kicked my weight loss up a notch. I do most of my workouts on my trusty treadmill; it has built-in programs so I can vary my workouts (important since I get bored doing the same thing), and now, I try to ‘beat’ some of the times on the pre-programmed workouts.

I cranked the speed up from 4.0 to to 5.5 and cut time off the preprogrammed 5K run!

The workout I’ve been focused on beating most recently is the 5K program, which is a 46 1/2 minute workout. Today I finished that 5K in 34.59 minutes. I burned 360 calories in the process, perhaps helping to process the pizza I ate last night! This is a huge 5K time improvement for me and one that I’m really happy about; you see, I signed up to run a 5K race with my husband Mike in two weeks. Mike is a very good and fast competitive runner; I am not. Oh, sure, I’ve run 5K races before (and even one half marathon a number of years ago), but I am not “competitive” in any sense. I don’t expect to be able to keep up with Mike during the race, but he’ll be waiting at the finish line, cheering me on as I drag butt across; that’s enough for me.

Not pretty, but oh so cushiony.

WW suggests that as you meet weight-loss milestones you reward yourself with non-food treats (like my new piercing of a few weeks ago). Since my running shoes are (gulp!) more than five years old I decided to reward myself (and my aching knees) with a new pair of running shoes; it seemed to me like losing 2.2 pounds was worth celebrating. Mike and I went to the Sneaker Factory in Millburn, NJ yesterday and the staff there fitted me with a perfect pair. They ain’t pretty looking, at least to me, but boy are they comfy. I think that one reason I was able to run faster on the treadmill today is at least part because my new New Balance shoes are so comfy, cushiony, and light-weight. Perhaps in a few days my knees will agree and stop hurting.

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2 Responses to Weight Watchers: A Weight-Loss Reward That Helps Me Lose Weight

  1. Loryl says:

    I like the way they look- New Balance is all Karl uses.
    I ordered new under armour tepin cross trainers to go through Insanity: The Asylum!

  2. Thanks!
    i am not familiar with under armor trainers; I’ll check them out. Insanity? Brrr! Good luck!

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