BEARPAW Boots: A Grrrreat Gift!

"Thanks, Mr. Romeo!"

Recently my daughter Tory was gifted a pair of BEARPAW boots, by the owner of BEARPAW, no less! No, I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with her receiving the boots. It was all her Dad, and Tory couldn’t thank him (and Mr. Romeo) enough! Suffice to say that my husband’s line of business doesn’t typically involve free offers of any sort, let alone of stylish footwear!

Tory was given the opportunity to chose one style from the current BEARPAW website. Her blue eyes gleamed with excitement as she scanned her options, which were many. Our newly minted 18-year-old took less than seven minutes to choose a pair of dream boots for herself:  the Kayla, size 8, color Cognac.

Out of the box and onto her feet!

The day the boots arrived Tory ripped open the box and immediately pulled them onto her feet. Then she oohhh’ed. Then she aahhh’ed. Then she took them off. Why? To show me why she was exclaiming. Her BEARPAW boots, cow suede on the outside, are completely lined in a fuzzy, cozy sheepskin; even the foot bed of the inner boot is lined. She wore her Kaylas out into the cold night and returned home to tell us that her feet were cozy all evening. Toasty warm. Just right!

A comfy walk over miles of Manhattan sidewalks.

On Monday, she wore them into NYC for a walking/eating tour of Chinatown and Little Italy (wouldn’t you like to be this energetic teen?). She returned home stuffed to the brim with yummy food and said her Kayla boots were “just right” for walking miles in the concrete canyons of Manhattan. No sore feet!

I am familiar with BEARPAW, the brand, and have seen some stylin’ boots walking around Northern New Jersey, but I was curious to know more about the company itself, especially since the owner was nice enough to gift a pair of boots to my daughter. So I checked out the company website and found out that BEARPAW is committed to living lightly. The company has a Greener Living team that lays out a plan for stewardship in terms of recycling and responsible energy use, among other company and employee endeavors. And BEARPAW employees volunteer in their communities and are involved in a number of  non-profit organizations like K.I.D.S. This company is made up of employees with heart and it started from the top.


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  1. Looks like a great pair of boots and sounds like a wonderful company too. Win-win as I see it. I like the idea that they are all lined in soft sheepskin. It’s always nice to have warm feet.

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