Whirlwind Weekend: Chalk One Up for Us

My family scattered to the three winds this past weekend. My son Max felt it his civic duty to go hiking and winter camping yet again. He headed up to Harriman State Park in New York for about a 15-mile hike. Unlike when he travels to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for winter hiking and camping, Harriman has good cell service so Max could keep me apprised of his approximate whereabouts! Here is where Max slept:

Luxury accommodations at Harriman State Park. No central heat. Heck. No doors! Photo by DarleneMAM.

My husband Mike left last Thursday for his annual Boys Ice Fishing Extravaganza. The men began ice fishing/camping out together waaayyy back in high school and Mike has attended all but one of the fun weekends; the one he missed was because I was due to give birth to our daughter and I didn’t want to do it alone. This year I swore the ice would be too thin and they’d all fall into the lake and freeze to death. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, although Mike said the ice was significantly thinner this year than any other in history.

This camper may or may not have been used for shelter by the fishermen in years past!

Over these many years, the cast of ice fishing characters has stayed the same, but the activities and sleeping arrangements have changed. The men are getting older so less beer is consumed; I had it from a very reliable source that one of the men has even taken to drinking milk instead of beer in the evening! The men are getting creakier so they sleep in beds at a bed and breakfast now; gone are the days of tent camping. The men like to eat well (and a lot) so they no longer prepare their own food; they eat out. One thing hasn’t changed though: the fish stories!

My daughter Tory started a new waitressing job recently so she spent 8 hours at work on Saturday. She’s liking what she’s doing and the pay is good, although she comes home bone tired. But as we all know, when you’re 18 a shower and some makeup make even the toughest day disappear. She was off and running with her girlfriends Saturday night and played every minute of every game at her club volleyball tournament on Sunday.  Then she and a friend went on a guided eating tour of Little Italy and Chinatown all day today. Isn’t youth wonderful?!

Coach Brown giving her Montclair High team a final talk prior to the start of the county game.

That left me on my own for some fun! On Thursday I clerked the N.J. State Flower Show. On Friday I settled in for some serious television watching; I had the sofa to myself and was clicker queen for the night! On Saturday I drove into Newark, N.J.  to watch the Montclair High School (MHS) Girls  basketball team win its hard-played, very-close-score quarterfinal county game. I don’t have a daughter in the program, but I love watching the team and I admire second-year Coach Bianca Brown and what she’s done for the MHS  program. On Sunday I watched Tory play in her club volleyball tournament. And I eavesdropped on a group of volleyball Dads; actually, it wasn’t hard to hear what they were saying since they shouted every word. At their various daughters. The coach. The official. It was the most un-volleyball-like behavior I’ve ever heard at a club tournament.

Tory is #6..

What did you and your family do this holiday weekend? Share in the comments section.

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