Weight Watchers Friday: A Celebratory Gift!

A wise lifestyle choice for me.

Today was my weigh-in day at Weight Watchers (WW), which I officially joined on January 13, 2012. I’ve had five weigh-ins since the initial one that marked the starting point of my new lifestyle. I lost 1.8 pounds this past week, bringing my total lost so far to 12 pounds. I’m shocked, but I’m really, really pleased, even though my jeans are beginning to look a tad ridiculous (more on that another day). My husband Mike can’t get past shocked, at least not yet. Along with Mike, my son Max and daughter Tory are cheering me on from the sidelines. Tory took charge of her eating and exercise choices a few years ago at the age of 14 and completely revamped her thinking and her body (without any impetus from her family; she saw a need to change and she did!), yet another reason I cite her as one of my heroes!

I’ve learned a lot so far about healthier eating habits and how my brain works when it thinks about food. “They” say it’s a journey and I agree. “They” also say that during the weight-loss part of the journey it doesn’t hurt to reward yourself for staying on track. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about an appropriate reward. You know, nothing over the top, but something meaningful to me and lasting. I like gifts that stand the test of time. After some pondering I realized that a most appropriate reward for my first 10+ pounds eliminated from this 50-something body should be decorative, much like what I got for myself on three separate occasions years and years ago. Yep! I got myself a new piercing! Take that, middle age!

This poor innocent ear is about to get pierced again, 38 years later.

Can you believe it? Some of the best lasting gifts I’ve given to myself have been purchased at Piercing Pagodas! I got my ears pierced (one hole each ear, natch, since it was back in the Dark Ages) to celebrate my 16th birthday. Then 16 years later I got a piercing in my right ear to commemorate the birth of my son. And 3 years after that, I stacked another piercing in that same right ear to celebrate the birth of my daughter. So for the last 18 years I’ve walked around “unbalanced” (no comments from my family here, please!) with a total of three piercings in my right ear versus a single piercing in my left ear. So today, to celebrate the 12 pounds I’ve lost so far I decided to balance my ears out and get the cartilage in my left ear pierced.

Tory and her great friend Samantha met me at a local mall’s Piercing Pagoda to supervise the proper placement of my commemorative earring; I wanted to get their expert advice.

That's not a dirt spot on my upper earlobe. That's where the tech put the earring. Tory and Sam said it was the right spot.

If you’ve never gotten your cartilage pierced, I can tell you it hurts; it hurts significantly more than getting your lobes pierced (which, by the way, is a piece of cake), but Tory says a cartilage ear piercing doesn’t hurt nearly as much as getting your nose pierced. I have no intention of finding out if I agree with Tory!

The newly installed earring! Yes, my ear is red. Yes, it still hurts if I touch it. But I love it.


By the way, Mike has no idea I was even thinking about gifting myself anything, let alone a new piercing, for losing some weight.

Can we keep this our little secret? At least until he notices the sparkly little earring? And, truly, I’m betting he won’t even notice if you don’t say anything!

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  1. It looks nice on you! Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

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