N.J. Flower & Garden Show 2012: Whimsical and Clever

What brings together garden club members from all over the state of New Jersey? What brings top-notch garden designers and landscape architects/contractors together from all over the state of New Jersey? What gathers unique and charming boutique owners and other vendors under one massive roof? The 10th annual New Jersey Flower & Garden Show in centrally located Edison, N.J, of course! Are you tired of dreary weather and rain? Would you like to stop and smell the roses (and many other flowers)? Then make the flower & garden show your destination this weekend! For tickets and additional information, click here.

Follow the red carpet and enter an enchanted world of interpretational floral design created by some of the best garden club floral designers in New Jersey.  Member clubs came together and produced “Movie Classics” this year. You can see floral interpretations of classic movies like Casablanca and The African Queen and botanical jewelry for the likes of  Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can view carefully tended topiaries a la Edward Scissorhands and forced flowering bulbs, corms and rhizomes in the Black Narcissus. Youth are well represented in the flower show as well with wands from Harry Potter, creatures from Spiderman and more.

Take a look at a few floral designs that are sure to make you want to see more:

As part of the garden show, landscape designers from around New Jersey present theme gardens based on movie like Caddyshack, Willy Wonka, Swiss Family Robinson, Polar Express and Alice in Wonderland. Take a look at a couple of the designs:

Check out the 'gravel' between the pavers. My award for most clever!

These photos represent a small portion of the clever designs and ideas presented at the show. I was a clerk (assisting the flower show judges) at the Flower Show this morning then walked the garden and vendor portion of the show this afternoon.

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  1. Very pretty photos! When I lived in Maine, I went to the flower show in Portland every year. It was so much fun. My first flower show was when my son was about 4 weeks old. He enjoyed it very much. 🙂

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