A Valentine’s Day Admirer: Exciting! Fun!

What a gorgeous arrangement!

I returned home this afternoon and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on our front porch. A professionally arranged bouquet of lilies, roses, orchids, and Gerber daisies. As I walked up the steps I saw a small white stuffed dog hugging the vase.

Would you like to receive flowers from an admirer?

“How adorable,” I thought. “I wonder who sent Tory flowers.” My daughter Tory is, at the moment, not dating anyone.  As I bent over to pick up the arrangement our front door opened and Tory walked out. And stopped short.

Tory saw the arrangement and her eyes got big.

“Tory, someone sent you flowers!” I said as she reached into the bouquet and pulled out a sealed envelope, which she promptly ripped open.

She read out loud,

From an Old Friend. From an Admirer. Ohhhh!

Tory said she doesn’t have a clue who sent her the flowers!

Wow! How very nice!

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