Weight Watchers Roundup: I Forgot to Tell You

Still on Plan!

My Weight Watcher (WW) weigh-in last Friday was a delight! No. Really! I lost 2.2 more pounds, bringing my total weight loss to date to 9+ pounds. My husband Mike said he is shocked I was able to lose that much, that fast; I’m glad he didn’t say that out loud when I first started out or I might have had to twist his tongue out of his mouth!


This lifestyle change is a challenge for me, although it’s not quite as mentally exhausting now as during the first two weeks when I was afraid to put anything into my mouth until I had thoroughly investigated how many WW points it had and debated whether it was “worth it!”  And some days I’m better at it than others.  It’s not “easy,” but it is “worth it.” And given enough time it will become second nature, right?

Breathe comfortably WHILE sitting? Oh yeah!

I've resorted to these to keep from shuffling as I walk!

Mike said he doesn’t see any difference in how I look. My daughter Tory said my face looks thinner. My son Max keeps mum; he knows better than to offer an opinion if it isn’t what I hope to hear, bless him. I am a little thinner. My shoes are a half-size too big. My engagement ring is spinning around my finger (but my wedding band, which is a smaller size, is still stuck tight). I am losing weight from my extremities first! What’s next? A smaller hat size!


P.S. My OPI gel manicure is still going strong, and it’s been way more than 2 weeks! I’m getting bored looking at the same polish and am ready for a change. Tory had her gel manicure redone yesterday. Look for the upcoming blog post that describes her experience!

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss! I think that’s awesome. I’ve heard of people going down a shoe size when they lose weight. I think it’s incredible. That’s never happened to me. I’ve always been the same shoes size, even when I was 25 pounds thinner. It’s interesting how we all have those places on our body that store extra weight. Anyway, you’re doing great. Keep up the good work.

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