My Baby: Tory Is 18!

Tory is ready to roll out of Montclair and into the World!

In a few short hours, my daughter Tory will officially be 18 years old! That chubby happy baby of ours has become a tall, fit young woman with a mind of her own, a plan for the future, and an eye for fun. Tory, she of the 3 jobs and 2 sports and rigorous physical training, can cram more work and fun into a day than anyone else I know.  I love her passion for life, for finding fun, for trying to be better at whatever she does.

Watch out, Rutgers University! Tory is headed your way!

Tory love any kind of sports equipment, but especially balls.

She became hooked on softball a long time ago.

She hit her first 'real' home run in 2005 and never looked back.

Tory will be pitching her last season of softball in a few short weeks.

Tory's passion for volleyball has grown by leaps and bounds.

Rutgers club volleyball team may be getting a passionate new player this fall!

Tory wore her Barbie jeep out.

All that early practice helped her pass her driver's road test the first time. . . in Sunny, her beloved VW Bug.

Happy birthday, Tory! And may you celebrate many, many more!


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  1. Caroline says:

    Happy 18th birthday to Tory! Hope she has a fantastic birthday :o)

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