Weight Watchers: Unanticipated Results!

Weight Watchers (WW) and I became close personal friends on January 13. Success has been sweet so far. I have lost almost 7 pounds and have another weigh-in on Friday. But. But. Something completely shocking and unanticipated is happening as I’m slowly slimming down. At first I thought I was mistaken, but now I’m sure I’m not. Not after today.

Gorgeous new shoes now a half size too big?!

Today I walked into my closet and stared at the rows of size 7.5 shoes, some of which I’ve had for decades and love like my children (well, okay, almost like my children). I sat down and started trying on shoes from my carefully curated collection: I slipped into my brand-new spectator-style Bandolinos with the brown patent pointy toes and subtle brown twill fabric body, then I pulled on the well-worn Geox brown suede ballet slippers with the gold-tipped tassels. Next came the Joan+David black slouchy boots with the perfectly rounded toes, followed by the Nine West green suede boots that match a couple of my sweaters perfectly. By the time I pulled on my classic cowboy boots from Texas, I knew. I knew! My feet were too small for every single pair of shoes I tried on! A half-size too small!

Yes, WW is helping me lose weight, all right; unfortunately, the weight I’ve been losing seems to be coming off my feet! I first felt the slip slip of my shoes almost 2 weeks ago and now it’s a definite flip, flip!

No more Michael Kors zebra-striped kitten heels?

My favorite shoes. And no longer able to wear them?!

No more red-toed black cowboy boots?

No, no, no!


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3 Responses to Weight Watchers: Unanticipated Results!

  1. Loryl says:

    That’s so sad!
    I can’t say I knew feet shrank if you lost weight. Learn something new everyday I suppose.

  2. Caroline says:

    When I lost weight, I didn’t necessarily lose a show size, but my feet thinned and shoes were much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time!

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