One for the Money, the Movie: Hit or Miss with Evanovitch Readers?

Friday night I paid cash money and went to see One for the Money, a movie based on the first book in a series written by Janet Evanovitch. The books follow Stephanie Plum, a newbie bounty hunter who finds plenty of trouble and humorous situations in and around the square miles of Trenton, N.J.  I’m a mostly Jersey girl, went to college in Trenton (Trenton State a very long time ago and now known as The College of New Jersey; I always believed they changed the name because the original sounded so much like the name of our state prison!) and know more than a little about Stephanie’s stomping grounds so I have enjoyed the books tremendously over the years. The ongoing romance with two men and humor, great humor, in the books cemented my love!

I was hoping to love the movie – you know, feel good about the casting and the scenes taken from the book and brought to life on the big screen. I was a little nervous when I recently read a Q&A interview New Jersey Monthly did with Ms. Evanovitch; she explained she had no creative control, no say in who was cast, and hadn’t seen a preview of the completed movie. So I held my figurative breath as the movie began. But I wasn’t disappointed! The movie, fast paced and fun, nails it. A brunette Katherine Heigl is my Stephanie from her Jersey attitude to her clothes. Ranger (Those lips! That face! That body!) and Morelli (Curly hair! Blue eyes! Bad boy!) are terrifically cast! My only quibble is with the casting of Grandma Mazur (Debbie Reynolds); an actress like Estelle Getty (RIP) would have been my Grandma Mazur! Are you listening casting directors? Grandma plays a larger role in subsequent books and I can’t see Ms. Reynolds’ Grandma pulling those antics off!

Have you read the books? Do you plan to see the movie? Like me, do you hope Two for the Dough hits the big screen with the same cast? Tell me!

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3 Responses to One for the Money, the Movie: Hit or Miss with Evanovitch Readers?

  1. Joyce says:

    Ooh I’m glad to hear you liked it. I am a fan of the books and was pretty happy with the Katherine Heigl casting. Looking forward to seeing the movie now.

  2. Tosha Champion says:

    I thought Betty White would have been almost perfect for the Grandma Mazur role!!!! I thought Ranger could have been bigger, darker, and with long hair in a pony tail (that is how I always picture him!). Katherine was awesome. It took me a bit of the movie, but then realized she was perfect. And Morelli, well that disappointed me because he is supposed to be Italian. Dark Brown chocolate eyes, with jet black hair and they portrayed him with an Irish man with brown hair and green eyes. I loved the movie though! Just wish they portrayed the characters better!!!!! (I also pictured her mom different.) And Lula!!! OMG!! I thought that was the perfect person for Lula!!! Although, I pictured her to be A LOT more heavyset!!! Same with Connie!

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