Repotting Cacti: A Few Point-ers

Cacti were some of the first plants my Dad bought me when I was little and learning how to be a gardener; I raised a barrel cactus and another tall cactus from itty bitty babies into mature adults. In New Jersey. Those cacti were painfully beautiful. After I left for college, I got a call from my Dad; he said that the barrel cactus had burst open and died; I think it missed me. The tall cactus, on the other hand, continued to grow taller. At its peak that cactus was over 5 feet tall; it had spikes so long and strong that we could have hung our mini poodle off one. But we didn’t, no matter how many times she peed on my parents’ bed. I repotted the tall cactus regularly for years. It was an adventure in pain management. So that’s my long way of explaining why I consider myself an expert cacti (re)potter.

A n d ??

I’m the proud owner of some new cacti! Four inexpensive (not itty bitty) cacti jumped into my cart at Home Depot. They must have heard I put a plant stand in front of a western window in my home. News like that travels fast among plants in a big box store: For them it’s go home within 3 days of arriving or die. Since the cacti were armed and I wasn’t, I brought them home without a fight.  After getting jabbed only a half-dozen or so times in the process I maneuvered the little thugs onto my potting bench. To repot them.

Painful when touched bare handed!

Use a potting mix formulated for cacti; it must be quick draining or the cacti will rot. Pre-moisten the mix with water prior to potting. And pre-soak the terra cotta pot the cactus will live in too; fill a bucket with cool water and a drop of bleach; immerse the pot for a few minutes.

Do you see the most important tool you need for repotting cacti? Gloves. Thick leather gloves to protect your hands and lower arms.

Just wipe off the pots and put dribble trays underneath each. Locate the plants away from nosy pets and small children!

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2 Responses to Repotting Cacti: A Few Point-ers

  1. Esther says:

    Hi Darlene,
    I chanced upon your blog when I googled NARS Barbarella 🙂
    Thanks for this post on repotting cacti! I have a really nice one at my work place & I am sure it has outgrown its pot. After reading your post, I am more certain that I should give it a new pot! 🙂
    As a Chinese, I believe cacti will ward off the evil spirits and bad luck and this cactus of mine sure brought me some peace of mind 🙂

    • Esther:
      Thanks for stopping by. . .and reading more than what you came for!
      I never knew cactus could ward off evil spirits so I’ve learned something from you. Thanks! And all the best as you repot your cactus!!

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