South Beach London Broil Recipe: A Winner

The recipes I’ve tried so far in this book have been uniformly good. And since all the nutritional information is listed I can easily plug it into my Weight Watchers (WW) point-figure-outer and find out how much of each recipe I can eat on my WW regime. Do you like london broil? Would you like to try a really yummy recipe for london broil?

The Marinated London Broil recipe yields a tender and flavorful steak. And 1 1/2 pounds, what the recipe calls for, easily serves 4.

I substituted low-salt V8 for the tomato juice.

I put the london broil in a gallon-size zipbag then poured the marinade on top. I squished the marinade around so the onions were distributed to both sides and popped the bag into the refrigerator; every time I opened the 'frig door for something, I flipped the bag so the meat got equally 'marinated' on both sides. You can leave the marinating beef in the refrigerator overnight without affecting the finished dish.

We cooked the london broil on our gas grill, 10 minutes on each side; we brushed the leftover marinade in zipbag over the meat as it cooked. Let it rest for 5 minutes under a foil tent on the platter before you slice it.

After its little rest, we sliced it; 7 WW points for 1/4 of this london broil; I couldn't eat that much of it though!

If you’re snowed in you can “grill” the london broil in your broiler as the recipe suggests, or if you live in a so-far-snow-free area like mine, you can throw on a coat, go outside and cook it on your gas grill. I love using our gas grill year round; the path to the grill is always shoveled after a snowstorm! Is yours?

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