Rearranging My Shelves: Simpler Than Rearranging My Life

In my quest to eat healthier (okay, and less) I purchased some spray oils to use when I cook. Yes, I’ve said good-bye to my beloved pouring Canola and olive oils {1 point per 1 tsp on my Weight Watchers (WW) plan versus 0!! for the sprays}. I know that the little things in life add up (saving pennies, anyone?), which is why I bought the sprays. And that’s fine, except the cans are too tall to sit anywhere but in my butler’s pantry cabinets, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a butler to fetch the cans every time I need them.

The spray oil cans are much too tall to fit into the most convenient location to store them.

“Leave them on the counter,” you say.

“No can do. I hate a lot of ‘stuff’ on my kitchen counters; it makes me twitch,” I reply, shuddering slightly at even the thought.

My solution? Take all the glassware out of the upper cabinet to the right of the stove, readjust the shelf up one notch, wipe everything clean, then put everything – including the spray oils – back.

The cans are stored neatly and my kitchen counter remains clear! Happy woman!

Problem solved!

Can we vote to make every problem’s solution this easy? Please?

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