George Hampton: RIP

(L to R) Donna, Mom and George.

A wonderful man died this morning in Arizona; his name is George, George Hampton. He left behind his loving wife Donna, two daughters, two grandchildren and many, many relatives and friends who will miss him very much.  George died of a heart attack, just days after walking around with chest pain, having a heart attack, then having surgery to repair his heart. I thought he was going to make it; he’s a tough former Pennsylvanian, after all.

My husband Mike and I had the pleasure of meeting/spending time getting to know George and Donna during the week we were in Arizona over Thanksgiving. A nicer couple would be very hard to find; they spoke to each other, they listened to each other and they respected each other. It was a pleasure to watch George and Donna together, kind and loving. I have to say that I haven’t met many couples as devoted to each other as they were.

We all ate meals together and talked, a lot. George could tell a great story. I enjoyed hearing about all the places he and Donna and their daughters lived over the years; their favorite places; and what brought them to Arizona. But I guess my favorite stories were the ones he told about  growing up “on the farm” in Pennsylvania and meeting and marrying Donna. Wow.

Rest in Peace, George.


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  1. Marty Tomlinson says:

    George was my brother in law. I miss him, but I am happy to say that if anyone ever made it to their mansion in heaven, it would be George. George loved the Lord and his family! A very, very good man!

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