Winter Break: Hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire

This is my Eagle Scout son Max. He likes to challenge himself.

By hiking and sleeping outside in extreme conditions. Read the sign.

Here is Max at 5:30 a.m. getting ready to hit the trail.

This is Max's girlfriend Kelly. She is kind and brave (or maybe kind and crazy since she went with Max this year).

This is Sam, a fellow Eagle Scout and hiking buddy of Max's (he's very kind and level-headed; he's went with Max last year too).

This is part of the trail the intrepid threesome hiked into the White Mountains in the dead of winter.

Max and Kelly reach a peak.

Max and the mountains, perfect together.

They hike for the challenge. . .they hike for the view. . .they hike because they can. Bless them!





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3 Responses to Winter Break: Hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire

  1. Joyce says:

    The thing about being brave and/or crazy is you are rewarded with gorgeous pictures!

  2. Caroline says:

    What an awesome adventure! Lovely photos. I miss being near enough to snow-covered mountains to hike!

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