Mission Control: Reflections on 2011

Let’s start the New Year off gently; let’s be kind to ourselves, okay?

Make a list of what you accomplished in 2011. Why? Because if you’re like me, you don’t focus enough on the things you accomplish; you only “see” what you haven’t, and that list is always endless.

Go ahead. Write. The list doesn’t have to be long, you know.

Give yourself some credit.


Re-read what you’ve written. Take a few minutes and reflect on what’s on that list — what you’ve done that helped make a difference to you, your loved ones and your greater community.

And don’t beat yourself up that it “wasn’t enough” or “I could have done better.”

Like you, another page in my life book has turned and I sat down and made a list this morning.

Mission Accomplished as a Mom:

  • My last “supervised drive” as a Mom. My youngest child became a driver; Tory has been driving herself around since she got her license in February!
  • The last of years of almost-year-round weekends of club softball, driving hours from home up and down the East Coast so my girl could chase a dream.
  • Organizing the last winter clinic, snack stand, clothing fundraiser, kickoff party, season-end party, car wash, canning event, and so much more as the Montclair High Volleyball Team’s parent coordinator; I’ve passed my baton to a crew of incoming parents.

Mission Accomplished as a Non-Mom:

  • Organizing and executing what is likely my last large public school beautification effort: the Mountie Pride patio, sidewalks and garden around the newly installed sign at Montclair High, my children’s alma mater.
  • Being recognized at the annual Montclair Garden Club Luncheon as the most accomplished Advanced II floral designer.
  • Becoming a better writer through daily practice and a bunch of fun workshops and classes.
  • Stepping out from behind “anonymous” as a writer and blogging for the Montclair Patch.

Will you share your list in the Comments?


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3 Responses to Mission Control: Reflections on 2011

  1. Kim says:

    Funny my husband just had a talk yesterday @ me and how I never think I have accomplished enough in the day. I always feel I could do more. I have a life planner for this year and I should write down what I have done. Writing for the Montclair Patch that’s great.

  2. Kim:
    You do much for many. And you are one of the kindest people I have ever met: warm, friendly and supportive. Your list is long!

  3. Congrats on the Patch writing! Loved your piece on jury duty….the sandwich from Hobby’s sounded like the highlight!

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