Chores: Hand-Sewn Clothing Repairs

I gathered my tools: needle, thread, buttons, scissors.

Do you fix your clothing when it rips? Do you resew a seam? Sew a button back in place? Fix a zipper?

Do you take pay someone else to make those repairs?

Or like my daughter Tory, do you figure you’ll just throw the clothes out?

I found a largish pile of clothing in Tory’s room a couple of years ago. When I asked her why the clothes were in the pile is, she told me, “Those things have to be thrown out; they’re broken.” I went through the pile and ‘resurrected’ most of the clothes using my trusty needle and thread. And I explained that small rips and missing buttons are pretty easily repaired; and I offered to show her how.

Tory blinked her blue eyes at me and replied, “I don’t do that.”

No, child, but I do. And I suspect Tory will when she’s purchasing her own clothing. Just a hunch.

How many people know the proper way to sew a button anymore?

I have to say, though, that I dislike hand sewing! Give me a machine-done repair any day of the week and I’m on it pretty fast. But a hand-sewn repair? Not so much. My husband will be thrilled that today was the day I resewed buttons on two pairs of his pants. Given that they are his work pants, I figured they needed to get back in his clothing rotation pretty quickly. I don’t think they were sitting on my sewing machine for more than a week or so before I noticed them!  I sat down, threaded my needle and sewed on two perfect, sturdy, go-the-distance buttons. The pants will wear out before those buttons fall off!

You have to leave a little 'give' so you can button the button. And triple knotting the thread at the beginning and end keeps the button attached almost forever!

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