Garden Club Flower Show: Bringing Home the Red!

Our garden club had a small (as in size of show, not size of flowers) flower show at our Holiday Tea again this year. I entered a design in a category that required my arrangement  to be ‘small.’  As one of four designers who entered an arrangement in this category I had to make sure my design was no larger than 8″ x 8″ x 8″ in size and I had to provide an underlay and backdrop for my design. Here are the four entries, in order. The first three are ‘traditional’ and the last is ‘creative.’

Red spray roses and English boxwood say 'Christmas' to me.

This Hogarth curve is a difficult-to-execute-well design; this one is beautiful!

How cute is the container and colorful background with these small blooms?


This creative design uses hydrangea petals as its plant material; I love this designer's imagination.

The judges selected the Hogarth curve design as the blue ribbon winner! My design, the topiary, received a second, which is a red ribbon! I enjoyed making the topiary; this is my second one. I learned a ton from doing it once already and got some helpful hints from Marietta at Bartlett’s Greenhouses, my local florist. All good. All fun. All the time.


P.S. With my funky Comcast internet service it only took me 3 attempts before I could post this morning. Am I making progress? Or am I simply a frustrated woman trying to make lemonade out of lemons?



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  1. WishHunt says:

    Love your topiary! I would have given you first place.

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