My Brother-in-Law Bid and My Husband Mike: Two Men & a Hike

Bid had every TV in our rental house tuned to football.

My bro-in-law Bid works very hard at having fun. Bid loves ‘60s music, Jets football (although I swear he’d watch pee wee football on TV if that’s all that was on) and beer, especially dark beer. He’s a curly-haired, fast-talking party waiting to happen. He’s a Jersey boy. My husband Mike loves ‘80s music, Giants football and beer, light beer. He’s a balding quiet guy who analyzes most situations before he reacts; this sometimes makes him seem, uh, slow. He’s a Jersey boy too. The men, complete opposites, always have fun together, but sometimes their fun ends up getting them in “situations.”

On our recent trip to Arizona the guys did plenty of beer drinking and football watching during the days and evenings. Then in the mornings Bid slept in while my husband took his 6-mile training runs. One morning early in the week Bid stood in the back yard staring at the triple peaks that rose like sentinels not far from our luxurious rental house. Bid told Mike he saw, clearly visible, a man and his dog in silhouette at the top of the small-ish peak. Bid, in what I think was a rare fit of physical fitness, told Mike they should hike up the very same peaks; after all, if a man and a dog could hike it, how difficult could it be?

These peaks looked inviting enough to hike, according to Bid.

The two men discussed it over the next couple of days. Bid, excited and animated, and Mike, reserved and thoughtful. They agreed on a morning that they’d get up and actually hike to the top. The night before the hike they drank beer; I’m convinced Bid drank more than Mike, but I wasn’t actually keeping count so I could be wrong. Morning arrived; Bid dragged butt out of bed and the guys took off for the West Wing trailhead that Mike found on one of his runs.

Bid, looking a little, ummm, concerned, stood at the trailhead.

The hike started out fine; the guys were easily able to navigate around the rocks and cactus. Then they started the steeper park of the West Wing trail. They didn’t encounter any wildlife, for which both were thankful. They had been warned.

The guys paid close attention to local warnings about the wildlife: scorpions, snakes and more!

When the guys reached the fork in the trail they took it! Straight to the top!!

The going got steeper. . .and steeper. . .until

Bid and Mike were pulling themselves up, hand over hand, over the rocks. The scorpions must have been asleep since neither man saw one!

The last bit of trail the guys were crawling on their hands and knees, bellies scraping along, according to Bid, as they pulled themselves ever upward.

Bid was happy to reach the first summit with only minor dings and scrapes on his hands and knees.

As Mike and Bid stood on the second peak, catching their breath and enjoying the view, they said a 30-something man and his dog bounded up and over the peak, on their way down the other side.


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5 Responses to My Brother-in-Law Bid and My Husband Mike: Two Men & a Hike

  1. Beautiful views from that mountain! Kudos to the boys for attempting the hike. Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

  2. By the way, I love your header photo.

  3. Kristin says:

    Fantastic views! I hope they still feel like it was worth it. I love the tourist photo.

    • The guys are a hoot! They were scratched and had little cuts on their knees and hands, but clearly had fun conquering the peaks.
      The merchandise in the t shirt shop that had the “snake warning” in it was hysterically funny. . .at least to me. One saying was funnier than the next!

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