Boutique Shopping in Sedona, AZ: Dahling It’s You!

Two locations in Sedona; I shopped in the 250B N. State Route 89A location.

No vacation of mine is complete without a browse through a shopping area; I’ve become pretty jaded over the years since it seems like I see the same shops everywhere we travel. That’s okay if you’re talking about a food store like Albertson’s, for example, but it becomes pretty boring pretty fast when it comes to, say, finding a unique piece of clothing. I hit the jackpot of unique in Sedona this week: Dahling It’s You! While strolling along past shops I glanced into Dahling It’s You and saw some of the coolest shoes I’d ever seen. They called my name like the little punch cups singing to a female shopper on the new Pier One holiday commercial. I couldn’t resist. . . and I bought these:

The shoes are silk, beaded and fab on my feet!

The costume jewelry in the shop is varied and not over-the-top costly at all. I found the perfect ring to surprise my daughter Tory with. When I take her for her first fitting I’ll whip out the ring and she’ll see how well it matches the jewels on her gown. Can’t wait!

The costume jewelry tables are treasure chests of fab!

Carrie, a salesperson at the boutique, was funny, warm and helpful. Nothing better! She helped me find a wonderful long vest trimmed in three different kinds of frothy lace in a wonderful warm brown that looks great on me. If this is what you have to select from

Racks and racks of unusual and flattering clothing . . .

wherever I looked!

I think you’d find something fun and fabulous to bring home as a souvenir too!


Note: I received no compensation for writing about Dahling It’s You. I love the shop and wanted to spread the word about the unique, feminine fashions the stores sell. Check out the shop on line and you might fall in love with it too!


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