Fun in the Sun: AZ for Thanksgiving

My husband Mike, who ran for 6 miles, came back with nary a sign of sweat on him. Hot tub, anyone?

We took off yesterday at 7 a.m. and winged our way to Arizona, Peoria, AZ to be exact. My husband Mike and me and my sister Cindy and her husband Bid (and yes, we were together on vacation in Puerto Rico in October!). We flew out, rented a house and plan to spend time visiting with my mother, her cousins and having a “location Thanksgiving” for the first time in our lives. The weather is perfect.

What? Where are the kids? Why didn’t they come with us? Hmmm. . .Well, we aren’t quite sure really. We said, “Come. Come with us. Spend Thanksgiving poolside.” They said they were too busy. They said they couldn’t get off from work/school.  We dangled tickets in front of their faces. But the kids held their ground; they are are currently in New Jersey, cold New Jersey, for Thanksgiving. Being watched over by more-than-capable adults.

We've already used the facilities; they're great! And so different than what we're used to!

My Bro-in-law Bid out for an early morning putting green fun!

We have rented a luxurious home that has an incredible backyard setup: outdoor kitchen complete with beer tap and large-screen TV; gas-fired fireplace; hot tub; hot pool; putting green; pool table and an incredible sound system. I’m sitting outside under an umbrella as I type away. Shortly, I’m going in and put on my bathing suit. The pool beckons!

What are doing doing today? And where are you doing it?

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