College Football with Family: LSU v ‘Bama and Captain Underpants!

After a week of no electricity and basic services foolishness my husband Mike and I wanted to have some fun so it was great to get the invite to Mike’s sister Cathy’s home to watch college football Saturday night: LSU v Alabama, two top seeded college football teams. Clash of the titans! Cathy’s son Patrick is a freshman at LSU so our entire family is now LSU fans. Well, okay, Mike’s sister Betsy’s son Andrew goes to East Carolina so we are East Carolina fans too, particularly Phil, Andrew’s Dad. Phil and Betsy drove up from South Jersey to watch the game with us.

As newly minted fans we were hyped to see LSU beat the Crimson Tide!

Mike and I got there an hour before kickoff so we could hear Phil and Betsy’s stories about their recent vacation in Key West. They know how often Mike and I have vacationed in Key West, how much fun we have when we vacation there, and they wanted to  check it out for themselves. Well, from the stories tumbling from their mouths, they lit Key West on fire with their advntures. At one point Phil, not believing we hadn’t visited another of the places he and Betsy were describing, accused us of faking our vacations in Key West. I almost thought we had faked them too as I listened to all the funny and funky places they frequented while roaming the Key West streets!

After the laughter and stories died down the college football drama began! The Crimson Tide of Alabama scored first. I got concerned since my best friend Ginger is a ‘Bama fan and she’d never let me forget it if  the Crimson Tide rolled over LSU. No fears. LSU came back and tied at 3-3. By this time Joe, Cathy’s husband and Patrick’s Dad, had arrived home. Joe had been working the snack bar at Pat’s high school alma mater; it was the last home football game of the season and Joe was in the thick of hot chocolate and hot dog sales for hours before he got home. Football trash talk between Joe and Phil commenced. . .in between snack bar sales talk.

The two college teams played on. . .

An LSU game is worth a visit, according to Captain Underpants.

At one point, during a pause in the game action, Captain Underpants appeared! Do you remember me telling you about Captain Underpants? He’s the alter ego of one of the men in our family. He makes cameo appearances for special occasions. The last time he appeared (and I admit I never saw him that night) was at the Jersey Shore. Well, in honor of LSU he appeared (un)dressed in LSU purple and gold! With black pirate socks on no less. (Captain Underpants seems a tad conflicted if you ask me!). A photo was taken and sent to Patrick at LSU. The phone buzzed. Patrick was in hysterics, delighted that Captain Underpants appeared during an LSU game.

Overtime: LSU wins! I texted my bestie Ginger, just in case she wasn’t watching the game  to let her know that LSU rolled over the Crimson Tide.  Take that ‘Bama!

Fun. We had fun!

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