Rustic Life in Urban Montclair, NJ – The Halloween That Wasn’t

Some of our 'left over' Halloween candy.

Last night, after I blew out the last flickering candle, I hunkered down on the sofa and applied a Siamese to each thigh for added warmth. I figured it’s better to apply cats to my thighs than all the Halloween candy piled on our kitchen counter. Last night was so disappointing. We live on a major thoroughfare in town, and our annual candy give-out on Halloween typically tops 500 pieces. Last night? Night 3 without power? I didn’t hand out even one piece of candy. The tricker-treaters passed us by! Our home is mid-block and I figure that the kids saw all the darkened homes and ran past us to a street filled with lights and action. 2011? Worst. Halloween. Ever.

Lucky for my husband Mike and me the temps rose somewhat last night. Without electricity and heat since Saturday, October 29, our home has been cold, sometimes bone chillingly cold, even with socks, shoes, sweats, shirts, sweaters and more layered on our bodies. The Michellin Man has nothing on me now; I outsize him with all my gear on! Mike and I stay here. . .to keep our cats company and to make sure that if/when a cold-related disaster happens to our home system(s) we can clean it up.

Our kids have decamped to friends’ homes. . .homes with heat, hot water and blow dryers. We are thankful their friends have taken our kids in, but I miss the family feel around here. Tory’s friend Samantha’s family always has a ton of food so I know they are well fed. Max’s friend Josh’s home, on the other hand, is housing a number of hungry young twenty-somethings who don’t have power at their own homes. Last night I sent over chicken parm, pasta and marinara, meatloaf and twice-baked potatoes to help feed those young men. Our coolers have been fighting a losing battle to keep our frozen food frozen and I knew that crowd would enjoy the meals I had cooked/frozen ahead.

Our two coolers aren't up to the task of keeping frozen things frozen; they're barely keeping cold things cold!

How are you faring? Do you have heat? Electricity? How about hope that all will return to normal soon?

My "old reliable"

Chin up. When I listened to the PSE&G recording today it had a revised guesstimate for when our power would be restored: Wednesday, November 2 at 11:59 pm; if it’s correct, that’s a lot better than what the recording said yesterday: that my area would have power restored by Friday, December 2.

P.S. Today I’m posting from the Montclair Public Library. God bless the library — its heat, electricity, Wi-Fi and warm water to wash my hands.

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5 Responses to Rustic Life in Urban Montclair, NJ – The Halloween That Wasn’t

  1. Joyce says:

    Hoping you get some relief today…we have power but some nearby neighborhoods have been told it will be Friday before theirs is restored. Ugh.

  2. Thanks, Joyce. We’ll see what happens here by 11:59 pm. I have my fingers crossed, but, hey, they just might be cold spasmed!

  3. Yikes – that sounds miserable. Hope it comes on sooner rather than later.

  4. Cindy says:

    Geez Dar! I hope you get power back soon. If not, take a lesson from the kids. Find a warm home (mine) to camp out in!

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