Cafe Puerto Rico: The Meatiness of It All

After the Bacardi rum distillery tour, our car joined the slip stream of vehicles on Route 22 headed toward Old San Juan. Our GPS had her Puerto Rico maps at the ready and we entered the old cobbled city without incident. My husband Mike drove into the first parking garage he saw; at a $1 an hour, it beat New York City parking prices hand’s down!

Cindy checked out the menu. We had a ton of restaurant choices along the way to the castle.

Great views of the Plaza de Colon.

We ate lunch at Cafe Puerto Rico, a stone’s throw from the Castillo de San Cristobal. Located on Calle O’Donnell across from the Plaza de Colon, we ate at two of the ten tiny tables jammed onto a raised concrete patio directly across from the restaurant. Remembering the struggles we had slicing our meat at the Greenhouse Cafe, Mike opted for the arroz con pollo, which he said was very good. Not shoe leather.

Mike enjoyed the tender chicken and rice combo. A classic!

My sister Cindy and her husband Bid ordered pork ribs, and both said they were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Me? I ordered French fries.

Tasty ribs!

Okay, I ordered boneless chicken bites too, but they arrived with bones and cooked to within an inch of their skin! I gave them to Mike to gnaw on!

Jonathan, our waiter, was friendly. He commutes in to work from Dorado, where we’re staying at the Hyatt Hacienda Del Mar, so we got a couple of local restaurant recommendations from him as well as an explanation of the “doneness” of meat in Puerto Rico. He told us that Puerto Ricans like their meat “done.” Very well done, in our opinion. Jonathan said that we need to tell our waiter “Medium. Please cook the meat to medium.” Anytime we go to a higher end restaurant and the chef should oblige. (I got the impression that at any smaller, less-fine establishments we would get meat cooked the traditional P.R. way no matter what we asked.

After eating our island time lunch we headed uphill toward Castillo de San Cristobal.

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