Prudential Cares Day at Montclair High School, NJ

A huge contingent of student showed up this afternoon to help beautify their high school.

It’s 80 degrees and sunny in Montclair, NJ today; it’s a perfect day for more than 60 Montclair High School (MHS) students to don their work clothes and show up to help beautify their high school. As part of Prudential Cares Days, the students broke into two  groups and got to work: one group of students raked and bagged leaves and debris in Rand Park,

MHS students show up . . . and they work hard. Together.

while the second group  dug a new bulb garden in front of the George Inness Annex and planted spring blooming bulbs.

A few of the work-booted students used pickaxes and chopped a new garden, then these "clump breakers" stepped in .

I love high school students! They get the job done while having fun and I often learn something when I hang out with them.

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  1. Kristin says:

    High School students are pretty amazing most of the time. I am so glad there was such amazing weather today for the event. I can’t wait to enjoy the blooms next spring!

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