Hot Springs, Arkansas: A Victorian B&B

My son Max is in Hot Springs, Arkansas with his girlfriend Kelly. They are staying in what Max says is an absolutely gorgeous bed & breakfast called Wildwood 1884 in town. Max, like his Dad and  me, really loves architectural detail, particularly in Victorian homes: woodwork, stained glass, gold leaf and more. Case in point: Max has yet to email me a photo of the exterior of the B&B; however, he has sent me a series of photos of architectural details inside the house, which is huge at 6,000 square feet. And if Max has his facts correct (which he typically does, especially those of an historical nature) the house was built for $40,000 and took six years to complete.

A stunning stained glass window. Note the coloration.

The gold leaf on this ceiling medallion is burnished to a soft glow. And the light fixture details: hanging drops, twisted rope, scalloped edges!

My jaw dropped when I saw this detailed ceiling. Where oh where else would you find a gorgeous wooden ceiling like this but in an old Victorian?

Max also forwarded a couple of “view” photos. Below is a view of the main hall and entrance to the ballroom. Look at the fretwork along the staircase!

The lamps and ceiling fixtures cast a wonderful glow on all the woodwork.

Max told me that each room in the house has a different kind of wood in it: cherry, oak, you name it! Say the dining room is trimmed inoak and the hall in cherry, the side of the interior door facing that wood is the same as what’s in the room. Max said the two sides of each door are dovetailed together for a continuous look in each room! That kinds of attention to detail during construction could drive some of us crazy trying to get it all perfect!

Would you like to hang out in the cozy men's study. . .even if you're a woman?

I know the photos, from Max’s phone, aren’t the clearest, but I think the beauty and details trump the photography. Don’t you?

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  1. Kristin says:

    Wow. When I was Max’s age, I stayed at the Motel 6 with my boyfriend. That place is several steps up – Gorgeous!

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