It’s Wednesday? Where Am I?

My senior year of high school is flying by! Okay, my daughter Tory’s senior year is flying by! I’m moving at breakneck speed to stay even with her activities and ‘lasts!’ I don’t want to miss a minute of the action that is her world. Between both of our activities the blur that was Monday involved a local garden club show and lecture, high school volleyball games, and stuffing our two Siamese into cages and taking them to get their free rabies shots here in town. These events involved split-second timing and not a little patience. I don’t remember sleeping, but I guess I did.

Red! My design received a red (second) ribbon! The sunflowers were pleased for me, especially after all the grief they gave me with their twisted stems. And I received valuable constructive criticism from the judges.

In local volleyball action . . .

Tuesday dawned bright and early. I raced to Costco, a local warehouse store, and stocked up on peanut butter, jelly, bread, cheese, apples, nectarines, water and Gatorade, enough for 40 people. Costco didn’t have ripe bananas so I drove elsewhere and bought three bunches of bananas and two bags of ice. You see, when I woke up I had a message from the high school volleyball coach that in addition to playing its regular season game against a Newark, NJ school, that team’s coach insisted that the teams play the second round of the Essex County volleyball tournament the same night. Our players, who were bussing it to Newark, are starved enough after playing their usual 3-game matches. No telling how’d they’d be (okay, they’d be cranky and sluggish on the court) if we didn’t bring them food and drink to tide them over between games.

After Costco I had a 12:30-2:15 meeting about taking on a garden club job that I think I’ll enjoy next year. More on that as it unfolds. Then I raced home, made 24 PB&J sandwiches, loaded our two large coolers, hefted them into our CRV and drove over to the high school to drop the bounty at the feet of the players. . .before their bus left at 3:10.

The home team is captained by the blonde in the middle, my daughter.

The regular season match that started at 4 pm was exciting; our team beat the Newark team in two out of three close fought games. Then our JV players fell in two games to the Newark JV team. Then our varsity players took the court, fed, watered and raring to go for the County Tournament game. We lost the first game, won the second game, and the third game? The game that decided which team advanced in the County Tournament ? It was close, but we lost. By the time I picked up my coolers and leftovers off the returning bus at our local high school it was 10 pm. I had been in Newark sitting on wooden bleachers since 4 p.m. After I unloaded the CRV/emptied the coolers/put away the leftovers I watched an episode of “Storage Wars.”What would you choose to do at the end of a busy day?

Today’s another day that’s sure to be fun filled. That said, I miss blogging when I have a run of days like these last few so I wanted to say ‘hi’ before I hit the local roads on my mission to  . . .make the entrance of our local high school more beautiful! Have a great day, my friends!


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    • your aunt says:

      What about the horticulture— did u get a blue??
      The sunflowers look very good. Need a few med size flowers for balance and contrast?

      • I received a red ribbon and some valid and helpful constructive criticism: “Sunflowers create too static a line” (I should have angled them slightly, in different directions. I was told yellow and sunflowers are both notoriously difficult to work with since they are so dominant.), “sunflowers are too similar in size. Mullein leaf in back right takes the eye out of the design.” On the plus side: “Expressive fall-like statement in selection of components.”
        love you!

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