Garden Club: Design Monday

My weekend was busy, mostly because I was preparing for garden club competition Monday! Yes! It’s time again for all good designers to pull out their clippers, condition their flowers and create winning designs, at least in my local garden club. Having the right materials on hand is key to a good design and I thought I was perfectly prepared. I bought flowers on Friday and left them alone in my cool basement, conditioning, to think blue ribbon thoughts. I had my oasis, clippers, and mock pedestal (part of the ‘rules’ for my design category) ready and waiting.

On Sunday I brought the flowers upstairs and into the light to create a traditional line-mass design, the style I chose to work with this month. The sunflowers must have had been in a car accident or something when I wasn’t looking. They have the most twisted stems I’ve ever witnessed, right up near the flowerhead, making it damned near impossible for me to get a great design line going. Sunflowers with twisted stems mean that I’m left puzzling whether I should insert the stem in the far left corner so that twisted head ends up dead center where I want it to be. Or whether I should insert the stem in the opposite corner trying to anticipate where the actual head will appear in the design line I’m trying to create. Wet oasis won’t hold up to much re-positioning of stems before it turns into something resembling swiss cheese then crumbles.

Sunflowers with twisty stems make designing a challenge, at least for me.

After a lot of grumbling on my part and a snapped sunflower head or two I got what I think is a decent line-mass design going. Of course, we need to see what the judges think. I dropped the design off this morning at 8 a.m. Judging begins at 10 a.m. and I’ll find out at the club meeting this afternoon how the design fared.

Today’s club competition includes a Fall Horticulture Show too. I wandered my yard on Saturday in the heat and humidity looking for ‘perfect’ specimens to submit in the different horticulture categories. All of the rain and wind and humidity have taken their toll on the plants in my garden so I found very few specimens worthy of clipping, conditioning and submitting for judging. I did get a few though, mostly herbs: rosemary, parsley, thyme, oregano, chives. And a Japanese painted fern frond and a couple of stems of still-blooming lavender munstead. I haven’t entered any hort specimens in competition in more than a year so it will be fun and informative to see what the judges like/don’t like and why.

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  1. Carole says:

    Looks beautiful to me!!

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