It’s Time: Floral Design Competition on Monday

After a few months break my local Garden Club is swinging back into design competition mode. Monday is our first opportunity to submit a design for critique and/or judging. I don’t think I’m ready, but that isn’t going to stop me. Let the designing begin!

Last design season I accumulated enough points to bump up to the next design category; I went from an Advanced II designer to an Advanced I designer. When our club had its annual yearend luncheon I was surprised and delighted to find out I had won the Elsie Bristol Flower Award, Advanced II. As an Advanced I designer this season this is the description for my category for the month of September:

The description gives me a lot of latitude. I spent a couple of hours today leafing through the “Handbook for Flower shows,” trying to decide what style of design I wanted to tackle. I think I’m going to do a traditional line-mass design.

Here are the flowers I’m likely going to use to create the design. As you can see  I’ve added a few pumpkins to the mix! And if the rain ever stops I’ll likely add some greens from my gardens to the design too.

Using these 'raw ingredients' I will try to create a design the judges will deem worthy of a ribbon.

Wish me luck!

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