A Moldy Victorian Gets Power Washed

We had mold all over our front porch posts and spindles. Black mold.

Our Victorian-style home is about 11 years old, “new” by most standards. The front faces north and we have an exterior mold problem, mostly on that north side. It’s unsightly and three out of four family members are allergic to mold, which makes it that much more important for us to get rid of it!  Mike and I have both scrubbed diligently to remove the mold, but it keeps coming back. It’s frustrating to look at the mold when we’re (attempting to) relax on one of the porches and it’s backbreaking labor to remove the mold.

Neither Mike nor I are as young as we once were, nor do we have the seemingly boundless bundles of energy we once had. This is a very long way of telling you that we decided that we wouldn’t hand wash portions of the house anymore. So the mold problem got even more unsightly. The spindles and railings and nooks and crannies were chock full of the black stuff!

look up underneath the top of the spindles. Ugh!

Mike started to research to find a company that would come and power wash the mold away without taking the paint with it. He wanted to find a company that used environmentally safe cleaning fluids so my landscape and the critters that reside here (chipmunks, birds, baby squirrels, opossums, raccoons and more, I’m sure) aren’t sickened by the process. It took a while, but Mike found a company: Terraclean.

Mike and the folks from Terraclean talked back and forth for a while, Mike carefully checked the references Gary Kayal, owner of Terraclean, provided; they were all very sound, thoughtful folks who talked with Mike, and Mike was satisfied Terraclean was the best company for the job.

This truck and two men took 10 hours to de-mold our home's exterior.

After the house was power washed it looked clean and new!

The end result? The Terraclean people did a great job. Two workers arrived early in the morning with their truck stocked with environmentally safe cleaner; they proceeded to scrub and rinse and scrub and rinse until our home shone. The water pressure they used was moderate and the paint remained intact. The men worked for ten hours. I got tired just watching them.

The Terraclean truck had all this equipment in the back.

We thought the exterior looked great, but the best compliment we got was the next day. The UPS man stopped and asked me if we’d had the house repainted. That’s how good the job is. And my back and arms and fingers thank me!

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