Northern New Jersey: (Hurricane) Irene Has Left

Friends, gentle friends, are you okay?

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Is everyone out there okay?

The view from our front porch was definitely wet, very wet, but we haven’t lost any trees or large branches!

We are in great shape so far in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. For a family who loses electricity practically every time a PSE&G truck drives by our home we have been lucky, very lucky: The AC is on, lights are on, TV is functioning (and tuned to the weather channel). We live on a little hill in our town and I think that helped us avoid a lot of water in our home. We sprang a small leak above one of our basement windows in the finished part of our basement. It’s small and we’ll deal with it.

Hurricane Irene left leaves and small twigs on our Northern NJ back porch steps.

I spoke with my sister Cindy in Central New Jersey a little while ago and she had a much tougher time of it: Although she didn’t lose power (the sump pump pumped like a champ, according to what she said, the flooding was right up to their doorstep. Their town worked hard to evacuate folks to higher ground and my sister has her across-the-street neighbor staying with her since their house did get flooded. Shaken but not stirred, that’s my sister.

How are you doing?

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4 Responses to Northern New Jersey: (Hurricane) Irene Has Left

  1. Glad you are well. We have power too. Lost a few big branches, a few little puddles in basement but all is good

  2. Carole says:

    all is well — Irene moved inland when she got up here so all we had was a few raindrops and it’s windy but actually not nearly as windy as a real nor’easter….so I think we are quite lucky. The power went off briefly but seems to be holding — we are on the same grid as the hospital so we are generally well taken care of.

  3. Joyce says:

    We got pretty lucky too. We’re also on top of a mountain and maybe that helped? Some neighborhoods lost power but we kept ours throughout. There are a lot of flooded areas nearby though…we went to the Jets/Giants game last night and went a whopping 7 mph down 80 E for almost 25 miles. It took us over 2 hours to get to the stadium. Ugh.

    • Joyce: So glad you folks weathered the storm so well! I heard ‘out west’ was pretty badly flooded. I did the Route 280 shuffle to get around the Route 80/46 lake on Tuesday afternoon.
      Hpe you enjoyed the game once you got there; that sounds like my idea of a trip from hell!

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