Waiting for (Hurricane) Irene

It's awful quiet around here. It feels like we're the only people around!

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Hello? Hello?

Is anyone out there? I mean besides <Hurricane> Irene.

I’ve kept busy all day, task after task, but now I’m a little bored, or maybe I’m anxious. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell where bored ends and anxious begins.

<Hurricane> Irene was supposed to arrive in Northern New Jersey tonight. Now, just like many people I know, Irene is running late, at least according to my husband Mike. At nearly 500 miles across Irene is huge, which might explain why she’s moving slower than expected. Irene’s probably not going to arrive here until the early morning hours. We hope to bore her silly and send her packing in short order. We don’t want her hanging around. I mean, we aren’t used to hurricanes around Northern New Jersey. Give us a Nor’easter or blizzard. Those we know how to handle! This hurricane thing has us on edge.

My sister Cindy lives in Central New Jersey and promised to keep me up to date with conditions in her area. I haven’t heard a peep from Cindy for hours. What about you? Were you on Irene’s itinerary? What kind of house guest was she? Let me know, okay?

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3 Responses to Waiting for (Hurricane) Irene

  1. Kim says:

    I am still waiting like you. Thought more would be happening by now.

  2. Carole says:

    waiting too, but she will be a tropical storm by the time she gets here. Deck furniture in garage, plants tucked on living room raised hearth, PB&J and bread stocked in as all electric kitchen requires creative preparation. I am eating all the ice cream in the freezer under the principle that if we lose power it will be the first thing to melt anyway.

    • I love your logical, my friend!
      I’ve had two young men (son Max and his 6’4″ friend Greg with a freshly broken elbow) here most of today and they’re eating me out of everything in the freezer. In fact, I’m starting to get nervous I don’t have enough food for all of us.
      Max just came in from driving coworkers home to Kearny and Newark; Rt 280 flooded already near the Passaic River. He said the Subaru floated for about 6 1/2 feet before finding solid ground again!

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