AARP: A 2nd Invitation to Join with a New FREE Offer

AARP Free Trunk Organizer

I’m sure that when my teens and their friends talk about “junk in the trunk” they are NOT talking about car trunks.

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8 Responses to AARP Free Trunk Organizer

  1. Anne M. Johnson says:

    AARP did a bait and switch on me. I received in the mail the offer of this trunk organizer in return for my renewal of my membership. I called the telephone number advertised and told the agent that I was renewing my membership SO THAT I COULD RECEIVE THE TRUNK ORGANIZER. I fulfilled my end of the bargain by paying my dues; AARP did not fulfill it’s end of the bargain. AARP broke the contract between us by sending me something other than what I bargained for. What I received is small insulated bag, NOT A TRUNK ORGANIZER. Shame on you, AARP.

  2. Anne M. Johnson says:

    AARP sent me the trunk organizer after I sent inquiry by e-mail to the membership representative. Thanks, AARP. Sorry about my previous comment.

  3. Dae Hannah says:

    With last years renewal I was to receive a trink organizer. I never received it. Thank you

  4. Joan C says:

    We, too, sent in our renewal with the promise of a trunk organizer which never arrived. All subsequent requests for renewal have been pitched in the trash. Shame on AARP, an organization that prides themselves on getting things done for the senior community. They can’t even make good on sending an organizer,

  5. Carol Welton says:

    How can I receive the trunk organizer? I am a member but membership does not expire until October.

  6. Shar says:

    I renewed as I did my part but no I did not receive my trunk organizer.
    Why do you have to play these games to get what is promised!
    I even renewed for THREE years for me and a spouse! Now we need to set him up as a new account for his insurance.
    More money and then what?!?

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