Delaware Invitational Softball Tournament

We arrived on Wednesday for the Delaware Invitational Tournament (DIT) so my daughter Tory would be fresh and ready to show her skill set at the individual showcase held on Thursday, the day before the team showcase began. She’s a pitcher and first baseman who can hit the ball well. Tory signed up/was accepted to showcase her pitching and hitting and base running skills on Thursday. She brought Emma, her club team catcher and personal cheerleader, with her. The young women were excited.

A pitcher and her catcher arrive to chase the dream of playing college softball.

“Why do high school softball players enter showcases like this?” you ask.

“To follow their dream of playing softball in college. In order to catch the eye of a college softball coach the young women bring their A game to big tournaments like this. The college coaches sit in the stands and watch the players, hoping to find one or two who fit their idea of “a perfect softball player.” And often a match made in softball heaven occurs: a young woman receives an email from the college coach of her dreams and ultimately earns a spot on that college team,” I reply.

College coaches sit in bleachers away from parents and players. They are looking for the perfect players to recruit for their college teams.

The DIT is well know on the East Coast. It’s one of the best run and well regarded softball showcases in our area. College coaches turn out by the dozens to watch the players. It’s exciting to watch the coaches watch the players. Parents study the faces of the coaches, hoping to discern whether they are interested in their daughters. And their daughters, the players? They play their hearts out, never glancing away from the field. Never taking their eyes off the ball.

A pitcher throws her hardest and best at the DIT hoping to catch the eye of a college coach.

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