July 4th Parade: Montclair, NJ Style

Our police honor guard.


After a lot of fund raising by many dedicated citizens, Montclair, NJ once again had a parade. It’s a real home town event with marchers from local Scout Troops, non-profits, politicians, zealous groups and so much more.

Our public safety folks are always well-represented in the parade. I love'em!

Of course, I have my favorites every year.

The sound of bagpipes makes my day!

For instance, I love the bagpipe band. Those men and women know how to blow a terrific sound. And they know how to cool down and relax after the parade (see below).

Another favorite of mine is Elvis; he has appeared in every parade I’ve ever

Elvis appears every year at the Montclair, NJ parade.

attended and that’s a lot. He’s a local resident who donates a lot of time and money to our local high school, among other worthy organizations. He’s a hoot and all who watch the parade greet him warmly each and every year.

A newish addition to our parade, Spider Man, is also a town resident. He crouches atop a car, waves to the crowd and generally makes small children pay attention. Jack the Jackal, our minor league baseball team’s mascot, usually hangs out with Spider Man; it make for an interesting combo: fur and webbed one.

What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn't want to see Spider Man in his hometown parade?

Applegate Farms serves up some of the best homemade ice cream I've ever tasted. And the cow mascot is pretty cute!

One of our town's grass roots activist organizations.

Toni's Kitchen has served up countless meals to Montclair, Nj folks who need a warm meal and some conversation.

A real crowd pleaser, the Community Band is comprised of folks of all ages; the band gives free concerts throughout the year.

Elvis gives his van a fresh paint job prior to marching in the parade; it's fun to read what he's written.

We followed the bagpipers this year. . .and ended up having lunch at Tierney's, our go-to local bar and grill!

The fireworks this year were awesome at the stadium! And it didn’t take us 2 1/2 hours to get out of the devil parking deck this year. We found a surface lot, walked right into the stadium, chose a couple of great seats, and after the fireworks were done, we walked right to our car and drove right home — 7 minutes max! We will never park in that deck again for fireworks! It’s impossible!

Take a look at the fireworks finale at Yogi Berra Stadium; the video is in the sidebar to your right. Enjoy!

Also, hop on over to my friend Mutterschwester and take a look at her parade photos. It’s nice to have friends!

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  2. Kristin says:

    Great photos! It was so much fun to be there – even more fun with small children.

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