Shoes: The Tripping Point

Mike's shoes don't usually trip me up near the door.

Do you take your shoes off when you walk into your home? We do. My husband Mike and I didn’t grow up tossing our shoes to the side as we walked through our respective front doors; however, that’s how we’ve rolled for the million or so years we’ve been married (It’s been a very long week around here.). Shedding our shoes at the front door keeps a lot of the stones and dirt and ugly bits embedded in our crinkly shoe bottoms from grossing up our home. And besides, we like running around in our bare and socked feet. It’s comfy!

Most of the time Mike, my son Max, my daughter Tory and I have a pair or two of shoes near the door. It’s not a big deal, until one of us begins to take up too much of the available space. When that happens I begin to trip over people’s shoes and I get grouchy. It happened today. I got to the tripping point. Would you care to guess who the culprit is? I’ll give you a hint: The culprit is NOT the same person who left my beloved Audi A5’s roof in the half up/half down position yesterday!

The Guilty One left shoes in the entryway. I tripped over them!

I have high heels, low heels, sneakers, casual shoes and . . .well, you get the idea, right? But today I didn’t have a single pair of shoes near the door. I didn’t take up any of the shoe tossing space. I am Innocent!

The Guilty One left only 1 pair of shoes in their proper spot!

Mike, who jumped out of his work shoes as soon as he got home today, has one lone pair near the door. Mike is Innocent (at least of tossing too many shoes near the door and tripping me up that way)!

Tory's shoes didn't trip me up today.

Tory, she of the many shoes, corralled her shoes neatly on one of the trays inside the front door; for once I didn’t trip over her shoes. She had taken up only her fair share of the shoe tossing space. Tory is Innocent!

The Guilty One left this pile of shoes on the front porch. I tripped over the blue pair and piled them on top of their brethren!

That leaves Max. My son loves shoes. My son loves to leap out of every pair of shoes he owns as soon as he is remotely near the door, and since he wears a size 11, his shoes quickly become a tripping hazard. My son would leap out of his clothing at the front door and leave them in piles too if he thought he could get away with it. I always know where to find Max. I just follow the trail of ‘stuff’ he leaves as he wanders our home! Max is Guilty (but only of leaving his many size 11s around for me to trip over)!


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4 Responses to Shoes: The Tripping Point

  1. Kira says:

    Thankfully we have a closet adjacent to out front door, if not I fear that we would have similar problems to yourself. We all take our shoes off at the door and put them away in the closet. We keep our shoes and slippers in there, also our regular guests and close family keep a pair of their own slippers in there to change into. I do like to keep the house neat and tidy. I think having the hallway cluttered up with shoes would drive me crazy, especially as our guests take off their shoes , so without the closet shoes would really pile up.

    • Kira:
      I love the idea of having slippers for regular guests; that’s a really welcoming touch! And a closet adjacent to the front door? Don’t get me started!
      Our front hall can get reach the tripping point when the kids have friends over, but I amuse myself by looking at the sheer variety of kicks (as they call shoes) and matching them to each teen’s personality.

  2. Kristin says:

    I really want to get a good-looking shoe rack for the entryway, but my husband vetoed it. Our shoes pile into our closet, and guests shoes pile up by the front door. Shoe rack! Shoe rack!

    We’ve gotten lax now that the kids aren’t crawling, but the sand and dirt of summer are getting gross.

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