Broken Zipper: It Isn’t the End of the World, Unless Those Jeans Fit Perfectly

My daughter Tory showed me her favorite pair of jeans; the zipper was broken and she was really sad that she’d have to toss the jeans because “they fit perfectly.”

I’ve sewed since I’m about 11 years old; I haven’t met an article made of fabric that I can’t fix, at least not yet. So when I heard my “refuses to learn to sew no matter how many times I’ve encouraged her” daughter’s sad voice, I offered to replace the zipper. Do you sew? Do you know how tedious it is to replace a zipper on jeans? If you answered, “yes” and “yes” then you know how much I love my favorite softball player to offer to do it.

First I had to remove the broken zipper; that blue-handled thing is a seam ripper. That's what I used to pick out the stitches.

The new zipper was too long, but no worries. I just lined up the bottom of the new zip with the old one, pulled the zipper thing down (so I didn't cut it off the tracks) then cut the top off the too-long zip to the right size.

Next I opened the zip and slipped the top of the left side into the waistband then I tucked the zip teeth in along the folded original edge and sewed it down. On other side I tucked the zip top into the waistband then aligned the rest of the zip length along the fade lines of the old stitching marks and sewed it flat. I tested the zip. Then I topstitched where the old top stitching was.


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3 Responses to Broken Zipper: It Isn’t the End of the World, Unless Those Jeans Fit Perfectly

  1. Peggy says:

    Coming from someone with absolutely no sewing genes, I am hugely impressed. You are superwoman!

  2. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. You’re awesome! I never fix things. I just put them in a pile and wish for a fairy sewing godmother to come and help me. Great job!

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