Fitzgerald’s 1928: A Neighborhood Place to Eat and Hang Out

The Monday night specials at Fitzgerald's in Glen Ridge, NJ.

Fitzgerald’s, a friendly neighborhood bar and restaurant in Glen Ridge, NJ, is where we find the beer cold, the wine selection just right and the food yummy. In addition to its regular menu, Fitzgerald’s has daily specials. After a long day cooking for others, my son Max’s attention was immediately caught by the pan-seared scallops, rice and asparagus on the specials menu; Max dove into his meal. He said, and I quote, “The scallops are tender, lightly seasoned; the brandy cream sauce is light; and the scallops are balanced by the rice and asparagus. Great meal, Mom!”

Max said the scallops were fresh tasting and well prepared.

My daughter Tory also eyed the specials menu and zeroed in on the prime rib, mashed potatoes and asparagus. She’d had a long, foodless day and was really hungry. The steak arrived and Tory, after pausing to admire the nicely arranged food, ate every bite on her plate, and the steak was large. She said, “The prime rib is tender, really tender, and the potatoes are perfect; she didn’t leave any asparagus on her plate either, which is a good sign of a vegetable done to her taste.

Look at the size of the prime rib! Tory said it was very tender and flavorful.

I wasn’t as hungry as my two young adults last night so I ordered two favorites from Fitzgerald’s regular menu. The seared mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto were tucked around a small pile of baby greens and sat on a tasty balsamic drizzle. The mozzarella was warm and delicately flavored.

One of my favs on Fitzgerald's regular menu!

I also had the baby greens salad; it was a nice balance of greens, dried cranberries and walnuts. The chef arranged a nice sized portion of goat cheese in the center of the raspberry vinaigrette-dressed salad. I like that I can snag a bite of the cheese with every forkful of greens. Yum!

I'm a real fan of the baby greens salad. . .I love goat cheese!

I love Fitzgerald’s 1928. During the warm months, the patio is inviting! It’s a great place to go — hang out at the bar with friends (or your husband) — or bring the kids, young ones too. Check out Fitzgerald’s web site, scan the menus, plan to stop by! Ask for Rachael as your server. She’s a delight!



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