Father’s Day Was Youth Sunday at Our Church Home

It was just as good as an ice pack, which we didn't have with us.

My daughter Tory and I got home at about 11:30 Saturday night; she played 3 softball games in Binghamton, NY on Saturday, and the last one ended at almost 8 p.m. She hobbled to the car, filthy, sweat streaked and in considerable pain, for the 3-hour drive home. Tory took an extremely hard hit ball to her ankle, the ankle attached to the foot that is her push-off foot when she pitches. On the ride home she iced it with cold cans of Diet Coke.

Yesterday was Youth Sunday at our church home.

Sunday morning Tory walked slowly downstairs, dressed and ready to deliver her first (and likely only) sermon. Our church celebrates Youth Sunday annually so every year the rising senior(s) are asked to prepare and deliver a sermon based on the scripture lessons for the week. This year, Tory and her friend Katie, the other rising senior at our church, co-delivered the sermon. They’ve worked together before, most recently last fall on a volleyball fund raiser that raised more than $1,200 for breast cancer research.

The young women‘s sermon was well prepared yesterday: Using a tag-team approach, they presented a full length, humorous, faith- and friendship-filled sermon: “Two Are Better Than One.” Tory and Katie were relaxed, animated and very much themselves as they stood tall in the pulpit. The congregation was warm, receptive and listened carefully to what the girls were saying. I am so happy my daughter preached, like her brother before her, and that her Dad and I were there to hear her words and see her face.

The young women shared a great sermon message.

Happy Father’s Day, indeed. My husband enjoyed his daughter on his day. No doubt about it.


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  1. What a wonderful day with your family. Congrats to your daughter! Happy Father’s day to your husband.

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